Paltutors is a person-centred tuition services that focus on the learning and academic progression and achievement of the each student from primary through to High school (A Level) and college. We prepare pupils for year 6 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATS), 11+ tests, year 11 GCSE and year 12 and year 13 GCE. We have bespoke solutions for under performing students as well as students who need to stretch their performance, set higher standards of achievement and challenge themselves to higher levels of success. The learning needs of each of our students is our focus and at the centre of our service.

Our service is carried out in a cycle beginning with an initial assessment to enable us match each students needs with the services available. This is followed up with a series of support strategies and assessment to monitor progress.

This produces rapid improvement for a majority of our students. Our ability to personalise our service is a cutting edge in the sector. Don't ignore your own child's educational needs and goals. We maybe be able to help. Please contact us on +447526564777 or +441908309526 or email .